How to overcome negative self-talk

How do you overcome the Negative Self-Talk in your head?

How do you manage negative self-talk? According to the Mayo Clinic, you will be able to increase your life span and even increase your resistance to a common cold just by thinking warm, happy thoughts. So it is in all of our best interest to keep a positive outlook on life.

For me, trying to control the negative self-talk would probably be similar to riding an imaginary “thought dragon.” There are days I find it very easy for me to get in a rut of negative self-talk and on those days the “thought dragon” can do whatever it wants with me. Throughout the day, I may have to deal with difficult situations or other stressors. When things like this happen, I may say the wrong thing or have a tendency to be overcritical with myself.

What I have learned to do over time is to re-frame these negative thoughts and try to find positive aspects in a given situation by believing that there are positive outcomes around the corner. If I approach the situation with an attitude of “How can I find a way to feel better about this situation?”, my day flows better and isn’t that what we want?

Dr. Shah, M.D.