Adult ADHD

What about ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a diagnosis based on symptoms and behaviors, not a communicable virus or infection. There is not a blood test or even one specific diagnostic tool utilized in an ADHD diagnosis, and yet there are currently 50 prescriptions available for ADHD “treatment.” The trouble with this skewed path, especially when children are facing ADHD, is that medication can only potentially impact behavior (with endless side effects) without any potential for addressing the underlying conditions.


If taking the edge off “undesirable” behavior is the only intended outcome in treating ADHD then medication should be discussed with our doctors and psychiatrists. To truly tend to ADHD, however, we must address the unmet needs behind the behaviors.


Impulsivity is a common behavioral challenge that is analyzed on the path toward an official ADHD diagnosis. Impulsivity is a complex relationship between the hard wiring of the brain, an adaptive coping mechanism and maybe even trauma- much like inattentiveness. Hyperactivity, another behavioral challenge associated with ADHD, involves a varying combination of hard wiring, unused energy, diet and maybe even trauma.


Therapeutic applications of yoga have been proven to alleviate the underlying issues surrounding ADHD. This makes sense, as yoga postures, when employed skillfully, integrate body systems while providing an outlet for misdirected energy. Breathing exercises create neural pathways that literally train the body and the brain to automatically leave more space for skillful response over mindless reaction. Meditation has been proven to enhance neuroplasticity while actually positively rewiring the brain for optimal function.


Our bodies our designed to respond well to contemplative practices like yoga, meditation and mindfulness. To learn more about how these practices can support your broader vision for health and well-being, please click here to schedule your free consultation with Mandala Integrative Medicine’s Mindfulness Coach Jen or call 833-GUTWELL

Jennifer Vondracek

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