3 Tips to Stay on Track for Healthy Eating

How’s the New Year’s Resolution going for you? Are you still on track to meet your goals? Do you feel like you are starting to drift from your plans for a better future? I have three tips today that will get you back on the right path and keep you there!


  1. Baby Steps

If you set yourself a goal that is way out of reach, it’s not too late to readjust. If you want to eat more vegetables, stop eating sugar, eat more fermented foods and eat more healthy fats, which would be the first thing you would want to change? Choose one goal to focus on and then divide it into steps. If you want to eat more vegetables, what’s the easiest step you could take to make that happen? Maybe every dinner this week, you include a new vegetable. Don’t remove anything else, just add in the veggies. You do this for a few weeks and it becomes a habit. Next, could you add some greens to a smoothie? Could you order a vegetable every time you eat out? Could you hide vegetables in a favorite dish?

When we make changes that are less obvious to our subconscious, we are more likely to stick with it. Don’t focus on taking anything out, just add in the new thing.


  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you are trying to remove foods from your diet, it is so important to temporarily remove those foods from your life altogether. If you have children, I understand that can be challenging. Removing toxic foods from your children’s life can be very difficult, but they will adjust and probably thank you for it someday! Don’t buy the Funyuns for your home if you won’t be able to avoid them. Don’t go to the lounge at work if you won’t be able to pass up the cake or donuts. Eating healthy means you are more prepared to dodge the trigger foods. We all have foods that we have trouble avoiding, but if you are prepared to fill your home with whole foods and pack your own food when you are away from home, you will make a better choice.


  1. Get Enough Sleep

Healthy eating and sleep are two of my main focuses when it comes to my own health. They can become a vicious cycle. I’m tired, so I make poor food choices. I make poor food choices, so I am always tired. Or worse is when you have a significant amount of stress and inflammation in the body, so you cannot fall or stay asleep. It’s important to practice proper sleep hygiene. Avoiding technology, excessive amounts of stress, caffeine, gluten, dairy, fluorescent lighting, and a sedentary lifestyle can make a big difference, while including meditation, exercise, fresh air and whole foods.


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