Adding this to your Diet may improve your Mood and also help with Weightloss

According to an article published on Medical News Today, tea not only improves mood, helps promote weight loss and prevents chronic illnesses. In the United States alone over 158 million people drink tea and it is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world. Recent studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shed light on how tea is beneficial to our health.
One particular study revealed that subjects who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of almost 3 pounds over 12 weeks, all while maintaining their normal diet. Other studies show that regular tea drinkers have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) along with less body fat, compared with non-tea drinkers. Additionally, another study showed that there is an increase in calories burned as a result of drinking tea. It equates to around 100 calories burned during a 24-hour period.
There are also psychological benefits to drinking tea. Researchers note that the amino acid theanine and caffeine in tea are thought to provide benefits to drinkers such as better focus and elevated mood.
These were just some of the amazing things that tea can do for our health. I personally would recommend tea to anyone who is currently consuming a lot of carbonated beverages or energy drinks on a daily basis. Drinking tea in place of those drinks would certainly improve anyone’s health. If you have any questions on improving your diet or you are interested in improving your health please do not hesitate to call my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD