Adrenal Fatigue symptoms

Adrenal Fatigue: Tests to Diagnose Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands functions fall below the standard level, causing the constant tiredness, sleepiness and fatigue. It is not possible to diagnose adrenal fatigue from a single test. To make a correct diagnosis, doctors need to take into consideration patience experience with symptoms and variety of tests, very often performed numerous times.

Testing for adrenal fatigue can be done in different ways. Your doctor most likely will recommend you several hormone tests (cortisol level and various thyroid hormones). There are also adrenal fatigue tests that are used by naturopaths/integrative doctors, and include ratios hormone and neurotransmitters, to better determine and understand how patient is functioning and feeling. Lastly, there are alternative physical tests that can help to recognize adrenal fatigue on the earlier stage.

Here is the list of the most used tests a patient can undergo for adrenal fatigue diagnosis:

  1. Cortisol Tests. It can be blood, saliva, or urine tests (depending on your doctor), which measure the level of cortisol. It is perceived that saliva test is the most accurate. Drinking plenty of water prior the test essential – dehydration can affect the results.
  2. Thyroid Tests are taken to measure the TSN level in a blood sample. An abnormally high TSN level suggest hypothyroidism, which, in turn, might be a sign for adrenal fatigue. Thyroid tests include TSN, Free T3 (FT3), Free T4 (FT4), Total Thyroxine (TT4) tests.
  3. Cortisol/DHEA Ratio – helps to understand on which level of adrenal fatigue the patient is.
  4. 17-HP Cortisol Ratio – for adrenal fatigue patients it’s frequent to have a higher levels of 17 HP vs. cortisol.
  5. Neurotransmitter Testing. Neurotransmitter is a vital part of our endocrine system, and just like cortisol, they can become exhausted after a long period of stress.
  6. Alternative tests, which include:
    o Iris Contraction Test – measures your body stamina in response to light stimulation and
    o Postural Low Blood Pressure Test – measures the difference (or its absence) in blood pressure that occurs upon rising from a horizontal position.

These are the most common tests that help to diagnose adrenal fatigue. In any case, only a doctor can decide which specific test the patient needs to undertake in order to determine accurate diagnose and select proper treatment. If you have adrenal fatigue symptoms, don’t neglect them and don’t wait while your condition are worsening. Contact our experienced doctors at Mandala Integrative Medicine center. They will help.

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    Great website!!! Most people need to know just what the adrenals do for us and how it affects so many other things in our bodies. Then if we could manage our stress, and kick out the horrible junk that is allowed to be called food; imagine what a happier, healthier world!!!!!!