Are Sugary Drinks the major culprit in increasing the rate of type 2 Diabetes?

I have been talking about the negative effects fructose on our bodies in many of my past blogs, and this should come as no surprise. According to a report in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings high levels of fructose cause insulin resistance and messes up a person’s metabolism. These kinds of sugar spikes to one’s diet are linked to the development of diabetes and heart disease.
On a personal note, this is a challenge for me. I am a big fan of juices in the morning, and that is indeed my “kryptonite.” What helps me move away from all that fructose hit in the morning is thinking about how this habit will affect me long term and not just for that day. Now don’t get me wrong having a sugary drink with Sunday brunch is not all that bad, but that’s about as often as it should be – once in a great while. Once again, the key to good health is making those little changes that will have a big impact on one’s health overall. It’s like quitting smoking if one is a smoker or moving around throughout the day if a person tends to lounge around all day. One doesn’t have to sign-up for a Spartan race to start improving their health and wellness. The focus on what can one do today differently and in the future that can help make positive changes to one’s health overall. If you need more help with making small adjustments to your lifestyle or a more customized approach to your health, please do not hesitate to contact my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD