Being a Dreamer is good (to a point).

I am a dreamer. Seriously. I am the guy that can go outside the office, lay down on the grass and watch the clouds roll by while dreaming about possibilities. If you look at my desk, you would see it’s filled with ideas and opportunities. The problem with me (and it’s always been a problem), I sometimes am overflowing with them, and at times I have too many of them. When I was younger, I would always have issues with wanting to bring all these ideas into reality but had no idea how. Having an idea is one thing, but executing that idea is an entirely different ball game. If you are like me, then you also must contend with being distracted by technology and social media. I might even forget about an idea and be on to the next idea because I have now fallen in love with the next thing or even the next idea after that. The question becomes how do I stay on top of all my ideas if I am going to live a life that is satisfying but also fun. Listed below are the things that I do to stay on track, but believe me, it’s hard and way too easy for me to fall off track.

Be Disciplined
When I say this, I mean keeping the idea in front of me. An example of this was when our clinic set out to do events. I wanted to create events that not only stood out but also had amazing content. I wanted to create these events because we would build a lot of awareness about our clinic and how we are different from most healthcare companies. I wanted this, but I had no idea on how to go about doing it. I started talking to people about this idea and kept on focusing how were we going to get this off the ground. What were the steps we needed to take? How much were the speakers going to cost? How about the venue? The more I learned, the scarier the proposition became. I had to keep myself focused and not be scared by all the cost involved. If we were going to grow as a clinic, we needed to do stretch and grow otherwise we would become stagnant as a company. Part of our mission is to create awareness about what is so great about integrative medicine and why people should take control of their everyday health. If we didn’t take steps towards creating that awareness we were never going to grow plain and simple.

Ask for Help
When I realized that I couldn’t do all this by myself, I asked for help. I asked my co-workers to help me organize the events, and we eventually hired outside help as well. I quickly began to realize that there were so many things I had not even considered when attempting to do events on a bigger scale. Without the help of a lot of people, there was no way we could have made such an undertaking happen. How were we going to market the event? How were we going to get sponsors? How many microphones did we need? Our display was going to cost how much?!?! All of these are more startup/small business problems but could be applied to any business dealing with a limited amount of resources.

Get Organized
Again, not my strong suit. My desk says a lot about my organization skills, but I had to organize my thoughts and stay on track if we were going even to come close to achieving our goals. Dreaming about an event is one thing, but putting ourselves out there and doing the event is something completely different. I keep a lot of lists and always follow up and make sure people are completing their tasks. It’s hard for me to do this stuff because once again I am a dreamer and dreamers like to typically stick their heads in the clouds and keep it there. I am no different. The question I always ask myself when I see myself getting bogged down or feeling bored with details is what am I trying to achieve? If we do these events what impact are we going to have on our local community? What are we as a company attempting to gain and that makes the dreamer in me stay focused and happy.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail
The first event we did on January 7th earlier this year went great! We had it at the Rhythm City Casino in Davenport, and the feedback we got was fantastic! The attendees loved the event. It felt great to pull it off, and it was a success! Then came the May 13th event and it felt like a punch in the gut. We had a lot of sponsors for that event, but not a lot of people came. It was the first day of the year where the weather felt amazing. Every time I stepped outside it felt like southern California weather, which was great except it was terrible for our  indoor event. It’s still hard to say why people showed up for our first event and not for the 2nd one. We had great Keynote speakers, and the content was also fantastic for both. We have learned a lot throughout the process, and we will continue to learn. Some people might say our May event was a failure due to the attendance and I would disagree, I would say we simply must fine tune the way we did things for that event. In the end being a dreamer is great, but living out your dreams and execution is key. It was important to me that once we started on this path that we would not stop pursuing our mission.  That is why we are doing a 3rd event focusing on how to get the most out of one’s career and workday.

Interested in learning more about our events? About getting more out of your career? Join us on September 29th for the Professional Development Integrative Lifestyle Forum at Rhythm City Casino.


Farrakh Khawaja
Co-Founder and Director, Mandala Integrative Medicine