Can an apple a day improve gut health? Maybe even protect you from obesity?

According a new study from Washington State University, the granny smith apples are the ones you should eat. Why? According to their findings, a Granny Smith apple a day may help you from gaining weight. The research was published in the journal Food Chemistry.
In this latest study, the researchers looked at how non-digestible compounds in apples may not be absorbed during digestion. These compounds are found in the Granny Smith apples which may help disorders associated with obesity.
The benefit of eating the Granny Smith apples is the growth of friendly bacteria in the colon due to their high content of non-digestible compounds and polyphenols and low content of available carbohydrates. These compounds can successfully reach the colon. Once these compounds are in the colon they continue to ferment which creates an environment that helps the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut.
It could lead to preventing certain diseases related to obesity such as chronic inflammation that also eventually leads to diabetes. Finding ways to curb chronic inflammation in the gut will help protect it against disorders like diabetes.
Please be advised that just eating a Granny Smith apple is just one of the things you can do to help keep the weight off and improve gut health. I would like to imagine a world where I could stay thin just by eating granny smith apples, but a regimen of a healthy diet and exercise is also key.
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Dr. Shah, MD


Source: An Apple a Day Helps Keeps Disorders Linked With Obesity at Bay,