Can Probiotics really stop you from gaining weight?

Can Probiotics prevent obesity-

Eating yogurt with probiotics may prevent obesity a new study found. According to a study published in Journal of Clinical Investigation, mice were put on a high-fat diet and were given probiotics during the same period. The mice did not gain weight and had insulin resistance for three months after. Scientists believe the bacteria produced therapeutic compounds in the gut and think it’s possible to manage the bacteria known as gut microbiota. Treating the gut with this sort of therapy may decrease obesity and other chronic diseases.

The study done by Vanderbilt University and lead researcher Dr. Sean Davies, Assistant professor of Pharmacology stated that it was hard to say whether similar results would occur in humans. More research is required before we have a definitive answer on any of this.

My experience in dealing with probiotics says that it may be used to help aid anyone in attempting to lose or maintaining their weight. The key to improving gut health will always be adopting healthy eating habits. If you need more guidance on adopting better eating habits and how to use probiotics to improve your gut health, please call my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD