Buring Calories in your sleep

Can this help you burn Calories in your Sleep?

Burning calories while you sleep? A team of researchers from the University of Iowa say that changes to gut bacteria can trigger weight gain or even burning calories in the night. Ah yes, the gut microbiome keeps showing up when it comes to gaining or losing weight. The research team at the University of Iowa were able to figure this out by focusing on the effects of risperidone that is an antipsychotic drug that caused significant weight gain. Dr. John Kirby, a professor in microbiology and urology, stated that the research lead to a conclusion that probably bacteria (in the gut) are responsible for burning calories while you are sleep. The study was published in eBiomedicine.

I am sure more studies need to be done to back up these findings, but more and more evidence is being presented everyday on how important the gut microbiome is and how it is affecting our daily lives. Keeping the gut microbiome healthy for most is not an easy task given all the processed foods and GMO’s we are exposed to on a daily basis. There is also this thing called sugar that many food manufacturers like to put in our foods that make it taste so darn good. If losing weight or just maintaining your weight are your goals for the New Year then learning how to better manage your gut health would be important. If you need some guidance on how to better manage your gut health, please do not hesitate to contact my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD