How healthier finances lead to a healthier you

Stressed About Finances

Would you agree that financial stress can reduce the productivity and even the overall health of your employees? Professional reports reveal this to be a significant, but often overlooked, concern. Lockton Retirement Services states that one in five workers report feeling extremely stressed – primarily because of their finances and job. Importantly, they report feeling…

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The Real Meaning of Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

First, what is financial health?  It is simply the state of a person or company’s finances.  Someone with good financial health deals with their finances on a day to day basis making payments on time, and knows how to manage their money.  Someone with poor financial health usually owes a lot of money, not focused…

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Stop Worrying About Money

Worrying about money has been so ingrained in our culture that it has literally become an epidemic. Do you hate how you feel when you worry about money? It is also known to be unhealthy, and can easily become a bad habit. The stress and lack of sleep one can endure affects other areas of…

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