Having a Social Calendar is good for your Gut

Friends and Gut Health

Things are not as easy as they appear. Having a healthy gut biome may include keeping up with your social calendar. What does this mean? It means it probably helps your gut biome when you have health social interactions with other people or friends. According to Andrew Moeller, an integrative biologist and co-author of the…

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Eating Bad and the New Year? Just Enjoy the Moment.

Happy 2016!

So today is the last day of 2015. We all have plans for tonight. Some of us will spend a lovely intimate evening with our significant others; some will enjoy a connecting time with family, and some will go out and PARTY!!!. And all of these will involve having FOOD. Now what usually happens is…

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Can Cynicism lead to Dementia?

Dementia and Pessimissm

It’s simply better for your health to not be pessimistic about people or even the government. At times this is hard for me to do this especially when it comes to the government. According to a study published in the journal of Neurology, being cynical or believing that others are motivated by selfish interests increases…

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How Exercise impacts Gut Health

Exercise and Gut Health

Regular exercise is one of the cornerstones for a healthy lifestyle. A new study published in the journal Gut, says that regular exercise also can improve gut bacteria which in turn boosts the immune system and reduces obesity. Having a healthy gut provides for an opportunity of maintaining good health over a long period of…

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What do you do when you Screw Up?

Making Mistakes

It’s an interesting question and if you are a like me, it’s hard to take it easy on myself when I forget to do something or forget to call someone. It’s hard for me to not be angry at myself when I make even the slightest mistake at work. I always would prefer to be…

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Food Marketing: The art of making foods sound healthy for you

Food Marketing and how to make food sound healthy for you

Words like gluten-free and whole-grain will bombard anyone entering a grocery store nowadays. The question becomes these products healthy for you? Products like Cherry 7Up carry an antioxidant label that want people to believe that this particular product might not be so bad for you. A recent study conducted at the University of Houston argues…

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How your Gut Health may be affecting you at work

How your Gut may affect you at work

Having optimal Gut health will allow us to be at the “top of our game” at work. Here are the issues that usually cause our gut to become “out of whack”: 1. What you are eating 2. How you are handling stress During moments of high stress, your gut health can be negatively impacted. For…

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