Chronic Fatigue and Gut Health

Many people (and even most doctors) do not realize that digestive issues can wreak havoc on the entire body systems leading to many types of diseases and disorders. This includes what is known as chronic fatigue. One of my patients told me that they thought that being tired all of the time was “normal”. Ha! Definitely not a good way to live. I think everyone would say that they would love MORE energy as we all lead busy lives. It must be horrible to feel like you only have a 10% or 15% charge in your life’s “battery” all the time.
The standard American diet (or as some refer to it, the SAD diet), puts a heavy toxic burden on our digestive system with all the modern chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorings, hormones, etc. put in processed food. Our food is where we get the needed nutrition from to run our body’s many processes. It’s where we get our energy from…the break down of and the utilization of nutrients. So it makes sense that if your body is low on high quality “fuel”, it will also be low on energy.
If your digestive system has been compromised, it can’t absorb the nutrients needed. It becomes compromised by poor diet, stress, toxins, medications, hormonal imbalances, and other factors. I have had many patients go through our custom protocols and enjoy an increase in energy that they hadn’t experienced in years. It’s amazing what the body can do if you give it the right fuel!
If you feel tired all of the time, we need to look at the possibility of leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, food allergies/sensitivities, and some other factors. We offer sophisticated lab testing that can tell us exactly what is going on inside of you.
If you need your life’s battery recharged so to speak, give us a call. Why live life at only “15%” charged? Trust me, life is much better when you have abundant energy to experience it fully!