Could a short Nap Improve your Memory?

Looking for an edge at work or school? According to a paper published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the short answer is yes. A short nap of around 45 minutes could improve memory and learn by five times! Where is my favorite pillow? I should bring it to the office.
The researchers had 41 take subjects take part in a learning assignment. After the assignment, they were required to complete a memory recall test. Half of the participants were then asked to take a nap and the other half were asked to watch a DVD. The brain activity of those who were taking a nap was recorded by EEG or electroencephalogram. After this, all participants were asked to retake the memory recall test. Those that took their naps had five times better recall at the memory test than those that watched a DVD.
In our society today we always think of sleep as the lazy thing to do. We always think of it as something that we wish we would not worry about. Making sure you are well rested at night and in some cases during the day will help function a lot better. I am pretty sure that sleep during the day is probably not practical for most. However, if one can slip away and get a short nap before and after a study session or before a big presentation, I would think it would be beneficial for anyone interested in gaining an edge that others might have missed out on. If you are having trouble with your sleep or have questions about sleep, please do not hesitate to contact my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD

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