When it comes to diabetes, it is hard to ignore the effects of the standard American diet and it's disastrous effect on gut health. Millions are overweight and malnourished. Over the past several years, research into diabetes has found a link between diabetes, intestinal permeability, and gut bacteria. Sadly, diabetes is one of the most common problems in our country today.

So why is this? One factor is that Americans are inundated with junk food marketing. McDonald’s was the highest ranking food advertiser in 2012 and they spent 1.4 BILLION (of which $957 million was spent in the U.S.) through advertising agencies! This doesn’t count marketing that doesn't go through advertising agencies. Obviously it has worked, but at what cost to human health?

Some have predicted that this diabetic explosion will bankrupt the national health care system! Diabetes is rising and is the leading cause of amputations, kidney failure, and blindness in America. Over 26 million Americans are affected by diabetes at an annual cost of over $218 billion per year according to the American Diabetes Association.

Poor diet and digestive health can be major contributors to developing diabetes. It literally disrupts all aspects of human physiology. Diabetes increases the risk of cancer, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, and almost every other disease.

At Mandala, we offer diabetics a specific, focused protocol to help your body fix itself and restore proper digestive function. We must provide it with the right environment, nutrition, and reduce stress. We study your medical history, analyze lab work, provide education, and give you the tools and direction to not just live an ordinary life, but an extraordinary life!

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