Do Group Walks help lower Blood Pressure, risk of Depression and Stroke?

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, regularly walking with a group may reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease and depression.

The researchers looked at data involving over 1800 participants from over 14 countries. The participants had diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other various ailments. The researchers assessed the effects of regular group walking on the participant’s health. The walking groups typically walked for less than an hour in outdoor spaces. The researchers then monitored the results showed that the participants that joined the walking groups saw a drop in blood pressure, body fat and total cholesterol. The group walkers also demonstrated lower depression levels and better fitness overall.

My thoughts on these findings are they make a lot of sense. We are social beings looking for ways to connect to one another. Sharing an experience that not only allows us to socialize but also help maintain our physical fitness would be a very beneficial activity. If you would like some more guidance on how to better manage your health, you can always contact my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD
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