Do Low Vitamin D Levels have a big impact on your Health?

Do Low Vitamin D Levels have a big impact on your Health?

Usually I try and avoid talking about dry subjects like vitamin D deficiency, but the amount of patients that I see lacking in Vitamin D in the Quad City area is significantly high and that concerns me. Low levels of vitamin D has can be linked to many health problems including increased risk of heart disease, severe asthma in children and cancer. According to an article published by, low levels of vitamin D deficiency may also be a sign of aggressive prostate cancer.

According to the article, Dr. Adam B. Murphy at the Northwestern University Feinburg School of Medicine in Chicago, IL, says vitamin D is known to impact the growth and differentiation of benign and malignant prostate cells, both in cell lines and animal models of prostate cancer.

The article cited that low levels of vitamin D in men appeared to predict the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. It is especially true in African-American men. People that tend to have dark skin have a reduced ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure.

I have been noticing for many years that people in the Midwest have low levels of vitamin D. We live in a part of the country that doesn’t have a lot of exposure to the sun during the winter months. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that we can’t increase our vitamin D levels through diet or other means.

Before you consider the increasing intake of vitamin D, please consult your doctor because too much vitamin D may also be toxic. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Dr. Shah, M.D.