Money Tree

Do you have a Conscious Relationship with Money?

Has money defined your life?
It has the power to base where you live, and what we do in our spare time as well as who your friends are and who you can help.

Do you worry about how to use money?
Your spiritual life is your moral compass and assists in your judgments. Pay attention and be mindful of how you use money. It’s okay to have a relationship with money, but it should reflect your spiritual self. Find enjoyment, integrity, and richness with your inner-directed world and let it shine for all to see.

It is possible to be financially abundant while following a spiritual life. Having a great faith in yourself and abounding perspective brings abundance.

Make changes to focus on your spirituality. Abundant life is about our gifts. There is no sin to have wealth. It’s more about what we have given to others, whether that be money, time and love.

Finding your real purpose in life and balancing that in today’s lifestyle is a challenge. Take that challenge not to let finances consume your thinking. Helping others can help you with your goals. Money does not have value. Your work, home, and family to name a few, have value. When you give of your time and talents, you should earn a wage. The value of money is subjective. We can see it as survival or comfort.

Do you rely on yourself or a higher being for financial wisdom? Money can be a spiritual asset by helping you develop your purpose and how you manage your finances. By sharing it with others and creating relationships brings clarity into your life. Make money your servant for a worthwhile purpose will bring you a greater fulfillment.

A farmer plants the seed to grow and provide. Think of your money as the seed that you need to provide and help others along the way of growing your crop.

Jean Schertz

Jean Schertz is a Finance coach at Mandala Integrative Medicine. She specializes in financial goal setting, professional growth and work productivity. To learn more about our lifestyle program or about our clinic please follow our blog.