Does Aerobic exercise protect your heart and mind?

Does Aerobic exercise protect your heart and mind?

Is it possible to do more through aerobic exercise than just keep our cardiovascular system healthy? Can your brain be protected as well? These are the gripping health issues I think about when I jog around my house. Ok fine, I admit, I am not thinking about protecting my brain when I am pushing myself to finish the last mile of my jog. What I am wondering is how my 7-year-old daughter manages to have more endurance than me and my son. I sometimes take my kids to jog with me around the block for a 2 mile run. One day my daughter will have to thank me for introducing her to jogging. I say this because according to a study done at the University of Montreal aerobic exercise may keep our minds fit as we get older. The report has been published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging.

The study compared two groups. The first group of subjects were from the ages of 18-30, and the other group had subjects from the ages of 55-75. The researchers were not only interested in comparing the two age groups but also making observations within each group. The subjects took physical and mental tests. The subjects also had MRI scans to measure brain and heart activity.

The report summarized that once again it is our lifestyle that impacts us more than anything. Aerobic fitness not only helps us preserve heart function but brain function as well.

Dr. Shah, MD


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