Does feeling good or bad about where you live effect Heart Health?

I have always said that it’s not enough to just exercise and watching ones weight. How individuals live their life has a direct impact on their heart health and overall wellness. According to a study done by the University of Michigan, living in a neighborhood with helpful and friendly neighbors may also reduce the risk of a heart attack. The study was published online in the journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
Previous studies have shown that certain aspects affect cardiovascular health such as the number of fast food restaurants in the area, drug use and a few other factors. These studies reveal that a poor neighborhood are linked to poor health.
The researchers believe that there is a growing body of evidence that positive aspects of the neighborhood such as believing that there is a connection to the community and a feeling of security reduce health risks. The study found that the more connected the individual members were to their communities the lower risk of heart attacks.
What I found this study fascinating because I always say it’s not just about making sure your are physically fit and eating right. It’s about feeling good about your place in the world and how you fit in. I tend to forget that I should interact with people within my neighborhood because I have such a hectic schedule. It’s probably something that I have to consider.

Dr. Shah, MD