Does having the right spouse make or break your career success?

As you might have guessed, this is probably a pretty big decision in anyone’s life. Now a new study suggests that the personalities of spouses can affect one’s success in the workplace. According to a study done by the Washington University in St Louis, MO, spouses personality also matter when it comes to career success.
The researchers analyzed data of 5,000 married people from the ages of 19-89 years old. 75% of the married couples were both working. The study had the couples take psychological tests where they tracked the spouse’s personality. The study also monitored the level of success for each participant through job satisfaction, job promotions and raised.
What I found interesting about the study were that spouses that were responsible or ones that supported their spouses in reducing stress in the home and had a great work/home life balance were considered the best spouses. In most successful marriages, I have seen it’s usually a team effort that succeeds more often than not for both spouses. If one spouse is carrying too much of the weight at home then, he/she might not be jubilant. Wouldn’t this in-turn cause tension at home make the spouse who was not doing their chores at home to feel the stress? Whatever the case, I would say many of the couples I have seen that were happy with each seem to be able to rely on one another in a way that doesn’t wear the other one down.
Dr. Shah, MD