Does running help or hurt your knees?

Does running help or hurt your knees?

According to a recent research presented by the American College of Rheumatology in Boston, MA, running may actually help protect your knees from developing osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis is a joint disease affecting people who are middle aged or older.  There are many factors that could cause Osteoarthritis and these factors are age, injury or being overweight just to name a few.  In the past studies had shown that running actually caused knee problems, but the studies focused on elite athletes and not the average person.

The study revealed that regardless of what age the participants that were frequent joggers had a lower prevalence of knee pain.  People that were frequent runners also tended to have the lowest BMI scores.  Based on the results of the study the researchers concluded that running wouldn’t be the cause of Osteoarthritis and that other factors would contribute to the degeneration of a knee.

I myself deal with knee soreness if I haven’t run for a while.  After a few weeks of running usually the soreness goes away and my knees actually begin to feel pretty good.  What have your experiences been with running and knee pain?  Please let me know.

Dr. Shah, MD



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