During Tough Times, Focus on What Matters Most

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you feel things getting out of hand, it’s probably best to focus on what matters most to you. According to an article published on WebMD, according to the article researchers at UCLA found that when people reflected on what things were most important to them (e.g. family), they tended to feel a sense of relief.

The people who focused on things that were frivolous to them didn’t feel the same sense of relief and remained stressed out. David Creswell, the lead author of the study and research scientist suggested that during stressful times in one’s life it would be beneficial to think about the people that mean the most to you.

I know during periods of high stress, it’s pretty easy for me to take that stress out on the people around me, especially my wife. I have had to stay pretty cognizant of not attempting to relieve my stress by doing that. It’s probably best to always bring the ones closest to you closer in tough times rather than pushing them away. During these times it’s important to realize how important they are to you indeed.