Happy 2016!

Eating Bad and the New Year? Just Enjoy the Moment.

So today is the last day of 2015. We all have plans for tonight. Some of us will spend a lovely intimate evening with our significant others; some will enjoy a connecting time with family, and some will go out and PARTY!!!. And all of these will involve having FOOD.
Now what usually happens is that we go out and eat and drink because hey it’s new year and we need to celebrate and enjoy, and I say go for it and do it, but then you should enjoy what you are eating and not feel guilty while you are doing it. Because you are going to consume delicious meals and drinks tonight and, for the most part, there is no way around it, so why not savor every bite and sip while living in the moment. Don’t worry what’s going to happen tomorrow. Don’t feel guilty and curse yourself while you are eating and next day either. Living these hours with full and complete happiness and vitality without worrying are probably going to release more happy hormones ( Endorphins ) and decrease stress, which for this brief period would be more healthy for you than sitting alone or refusing to join your loved ones during these hours of happiness and hope.
Now I don’t mean that you eat so much that food is coming out of your nose and ears, and breathing requires opening up your pant buttons. Eat everything but be mindful. As soon as your body starts telling you it’s enough, stop. Listen to your body cues. Same thing with drinking, moderation is the key.
Dance and sing, feel and absorb the positive energy around you. Live in the moment.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Shah, MD