Energy Drinks: Do they just end up making you nervous and jittery?

Energy Drinks: Do they just end up making you nervous and jittery?

According to a recent study done on energy drinks athletes, improve their performance by between 3% to 7%. Now many athletes would probably argue that this is a good thing. It’s important to note that more and more athletes are using sports drinks to enhance their performance on the field. The number of sportsmen and women using energy is over 50%. Many of you are probably thinking that increase in performance was an excellent thing. The only problem with that increase in performance was the side effects which included insomnia and jitteriness that could last for hours after the training or competition was over.
The study that was done by researchers from Camilo Jose Cela University. They evaluated top athletes from many different sports. They did indeed find improved performance for athletes across the board. The biggest problem with these drinks are the extremely high levels of caffeine in them and according to the study they actually do not provide any extra energy boost. One could probably get a similar boost from drinking a can of soda.
My take on energy drinks would be to try to stay away from them. Those levels of caffeine do not do anybody’s heart health a favor. The jitteriness and the possibility of insomnia should also make anyone think twice about using energy drinks. If you are looking for ways to boost energy try:

  • Drinking more water
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Exercise

If you are looking at what sucks energy from you:

  • Caffeine
  • Candy

If you are interested in a more hands on approach to boosting your energy you can always give my office a call for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD


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