Focus: The importance of…hey, squirrel!

Ahh, the ability to be able to focus! It seems to be a lost art these days. It’s like we all have a bit of Attention Deficit Disorder. Whether at work or at home we seem to think we need to multitask. Don’t even get me started about the internet! Software that tracks users clicks and length of time on pages reveals that people rarely stay more than a few seconds before they are clicking on some other shiny image link.

With the explosion of technology our society is bombarded with information constantly. We don’t even realize or think about it anymore as it has become “normal”. Just for fun, start your day counting the times you get information thrown at you. I bet you’ll quit counting pretty soon (You’ll lose focus!). Smartphones, radio, billboards, signs, texts, social media, TV, computers, tablets, emails, books, magazines, advertisements, etc., etc., etc. all contribute to our living distracted, unfocosed lives.

Probably that biggest “anti-focus” gadget to invade our lives in recent years has been the smartphone. Think about it. We carry it with us wherever we go. Strapped to our body or never more than an arms length away. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone. I think in a lot of ways it has helped me in my business and personal life. It is very convenient with all the business and health apps I use every day. But I also have forced myself to change some of the settings so that I don’t constantly get “blips” and notifications about anything and everything. I just found that it was distracting me from what I was trying to focus on at the time. Sometimes, I actually just turn it completely off! Shocking, I know.

“Learn how to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.” ~ Jim Rohn

So what does focus have to do with health? People that don’t focus on their health are eventually FORCED to! In some ways, it’s our job here at Mandala to get people to see the absolute importance of FOCUSING ON THEIR HEALTH. So much of what distracts us is really not important and just eats up your time from things that matter if life. Does it really matter if you watch that silly YouTube video you saw while scrolling endlessly on your Facebook feed? You have to make time and form a plan to BE HEALTHY. It takes focus, a plan, and consistent effort.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you don’t have time to exercise, eat right, or stop smoking. You DO have the time. Make time for what is important to you and your loved ones.

Can I let you in on a secret? Being healthy feels great and is worth focusing on!

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Aaron Howard

Health Coach and Senior Manager

Mandala Integrative Medicine