Gut Microbes and Appetite

So what makes us feel full? According to a recent paper published in Cell Metabolism, scientists suggest it may well have to do with a billion microbes in your stomach. When we start eating a population growth of over a billion microbes in the gut, basically end up making us feel like we are full. The researchers studied proteins called Escherichia coli bacteria which are quite common in the gut. These bacteria which grow in number after 20 minutes of feeding produce one kind of proteins and then start to produce another kind which releases hormones that decrease the appetite.
This tells us that bacteria in our gut may indeed be having an impact when it comes to our appetite and help us understand what causes weight gain or even weight loss. There, of course, has to be more research done on this subject, but in the meantime, I would suggest eating mindfully and enjoying the food that you are eating. I have to remind always myself to slow down and enjoy the moment I have while I take time for a meal. There will always be the next thing to do on our agenda, taking the time to enjoy a meal might be one of the few breaks we have during the day. Eating slowly and chewing our food many times over will allow your body to know and realize that we are eating a meal. Too many times, we are eating while driving or eating as fast as we can. Eating in this manner does not allow the body sufficient time to understand what is going on and, in turn, causes us to eat more than we should in a short span of time. My brother-in-law who used to be in the army always has trouble with undoing his training from the army. He was trained to hurry up and eat. I have to remind him all the time to take it slow and enjoy his meal.
If you are having trouble with understanding how to manage your gut health or are interested in a functional approach to overall health, do not hesitate to give my office a call for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD