Gut Microbiome and Fatigue

We have been talking about it for a while now. Now here comes a recent study was done by Cornell University researchers published in the journal Microbiome. Forty-eight people with that were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and thirty-nine healthy participants were part of the study. In the study stool and blood samples were of both groups were studied. Here is what they found:
• The forty-eight people with chronic fatigue syndrome had less diversity in their gut microbiome than the healthier group.
• The gut bacteria also was less anti-inflammatory for the group with chronic fatigue than the healthy group.
• The blood samples revealed that the people with chronic fatigue also had a “leaky gut” that allows bacteria to enter the blood.
This study shows all of us that Chronic Fatigue is a real condition and not a psychological one. Now more studies will have to do because this was a small sample size. I can say with confidence that based on this study and observing my patients that the findings go along with what I am seeing with patients here at Mandala.
Understanding that there are ways to treat chronic fatigue is step one. Also, understanding that just altering your diet or eating healthier may not be enough. Why? It’s important to realize that if you haven’t had to test to see what foods sensitivities you might have then, you probably don’t know what might be giving you a “foggy brain” in the afternoon. It could be eggs, bananas, dairy, gluten and the list goes on. Yes, there are things like trying an elimination diet out there, but those take a lot of discipline on an individual’s part.
I recommend working with a functional/integrative medicine practitioner to help find out what sort of food sensitivities you might be having if any.
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Dr. Shah, MD