Gut Microbiome and type 2 Diabetes

Gut Microbiota and Predicting Type 2 Diabetes

Medical News Today reports that possible changes in the gut microbiota may lead to an ability to diagnose type 2 diabetes before symptoms start to be apparent. There have been similar studies on this, but they were comparing people that already had type 2 diabetes versus people that were healthy. The researchers in the study wanted to see if they could find type 2 diabetes biomarkers and linking them to changes in the gut microbiota. What this means is that researchers might be able to see the composition of the microbiome at different stages of before the onset of type 2 diabetes.

I find this fascinating considering that functional medicine already does this. Through a functional medicine approach, I can see a person’s lifestyle and also look at certain gut issues that might be pointing to onset type 2 diabetes. It’s a whole person approach; it understands genetics, a person’s nutrition, stress levels, and understanding on a deep level what’s going on in their life. With all this information and if the patient is motivated to make changes, the patient can avoid having type 2 diabetes.

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Dr. Shah, MD

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