How do you improve Gut Health?

How do you improve Gut Health?

I wrote a post yesterday on how a lack of diversity could increase breast cancer risk. Today I wanted to expound on how we actually go about improving our gut health? Here are a few things you can do to improve your gut health:
1. Exercise
A Study done at the University College of Cork observed a group of 40 rugby players and paid attention to what they were eating and their exercise regiments. They compared these athletes to other healthy men who were similar in weights and ages. What they found was that the athletes had significant differences from the other healthy men. The athletes had a much wider range of bacteria in their GI tracts compared to the healthy men. The athletes had a much broader range of microbes in their gut that was due their high levels of exercise.
2. High Protein Diet
The above study also revealed that the rugby players also ate a significant amount of protein in their diet that caused them to have more of a broader range of microbes in their gut as well.
3. Probiotics
There is stronger evidence that suggest that more natural remedies contain beneficial microbes may help with digestive problems. May also help with improving the immune system and helping with some common respiratory issues. Some examples of probiotics are yogurt, miso soup and sauerkraut.
4. Eat Whole Foods and less processed foods
Consider eating less processed foods. Also think about adding more vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods to your diet. Eating less processed foods will protect your gut lining from any undue damage.

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