Exercise and Gut Health

How Exercise impacts Gut Health

Regular exercise is one of the cornerstones for a healthy lifestyle. A new study published in the journal Gut, says that regular exercise also can improve gut bacteria which in turn boosts the immune system and reduces obesity. Having a healthy gut provides for an opportunity of maintaining good health over a long period of time.
Researchers from the University College Cork in Ireland studied gut bugs of 40 professional rugby players. They were able to do this by analyzing the rugby player’s fecal matter. The player’s stool samples showed they had microbiomes that was more diverse than those of two control groups of normal people. According to researchers microbial diversity is an important detector of health. A lack of microbial diversity is associated with things like obesity.
What scientists also found to be interesting was the athletes had low inflammatory markers even though the rugby athletes were putting their bodies through so much stress. More studies need to be done on how exercise could affect the guts of non-athletes, but it’s safe to say that the more you exercise the more your gut will thank you.

Dr. Shah, MD