Stressed About Finances

How healthier finances lead to a healthier you

Would you agree that financial stress can reduce the productivity and even the overall health of your employees? Professional reports reveal this to be a significant, but often overlooked, concern.

Lockton Retirement Services states that one in five workers report feeling extremely stressed – primarily because of their finances and job. Importantly, they report feeling so in that order!  Staff members reported four times more fatigue, headaches, and depression as a result of financial- and job-related stress. Employers know the effect stress has on job productivity and the consequences to one’s business.

Mandala Integrative Medicine and Wellness provides solutions for both employees and employers struggling with financial stress and its consequences.

Employers have a vested interest in the financial decisions made by their employees. When poor planning and economic hardships create stress for employees, their productivity and job satisfaction are at risk. Implementing a great wellness program such as the one offered through Mandala Integrative Medicine and Wellness can make a world of difference. Mandala provides tools such as debt counseling, classes, income calculators, budgeting, insurance, and personal coaching, including financial planning. With that support girding them, staff can then become efficient, healthy, and happy in their jobs, which in turn will lead to the optimal productivity every company desires.  By cleaning up credit card debt, improving credit scores, and lowering their debt-to-income ratio, employees will be better able to plan for the future, which in turn will dramatically reduce their stress and uncertainty. They will then be better prepared to help their company prosper.

Mandala Integrative Medicine and Wellness’ Professional Development Integrative Forum on September 29, 2017 at Rhythm City Casino will outline the essential steps every employer should take in order to turn the financial stressors of their employees into opportunities to create more value for everyone.

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