How is Sugar is worse than salt for your Blood Pressure?

How is Sugar is worse than salt for your Blood Pressure?

According to a paper published in the online journal Open Heart added sugars to your diet may higher your risk for hypertension and cardiovascular disease more than salt does.  Heart disease and hypertension cost the United States over 50 billion dollars a year and causing more than 348,000 deaths a year.

It’s very easy to head to the vending machine right before attending a meeting and grab a candy bar or a bag of chips.  Our lives focus on what is convenient and could save us less time versus what would help us to stay healthy long term.  That is the everyday challenge is it not?  It is a lot easier to invest in a candy bar and pay the vending machine $1.50 than being mindful of the fact that we might get hungry before that meeting the night before.

The reason why I am mentioning a candy bar is because the article cites that it’s the processed sugars that are the major culprit.  Foods that contain sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup.  These sweetners are also commonly found in juices and sodas which are other items that can also be found at the vending machine.

The truth is it takes a lot of effort to change this mindset.  The truth also is it took me a lot of effort to change my ways as well.  It was hard to change this mindset because everytime I went to the vending machine I would tell myself this was the last time I was going to do this or the last time in a long time I would make that trip to the vending machine.

The paper also discussed that people that consumed 25% of their calories from sugar increased the risk of death due by cardiovascular disease to three times.  If you need more help in understanding how sugar maybe effecting your body or if would like some guidance on how to alter your diet, please do not hesitate to give my office a call for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD




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