How to Boost your Energy

Breakfast? Yes or No?
Yes, indeed Breakfast is for champions! Or is it? It’s hard to say. I believed this used to be true, but now there are studies suggesting the absolute opposite. I do have breakfast in the morning and sometimes I don’t. I know I might be being a little unclear on this, and that’s because a lot of the research is going both ways on this subject. I wake up in the morning and sort go along with how my body is feeling. If I feel like having breakfast, then I go for it. I have a protein shake in the morning, but you could also have thing likes boiled eggs or yogurt. I personally would prefer to avoid carbs but steel cut oatmeal is a great option as well.

Eat less but eat throughout the day
It’s always better to eat healthy snacks throughout the day than to eat a heavy lunch and then follow that with an even heavier dinner. Taking this approach will not only decrease your energy but increase your chances of gaining weight. Try snacking on things like almonds or dried fruit throughout the day instead of a hamburger with fries for lunch.

Take a brisk 10-minute walk
According to a study done by Personality and Social Psychology, your body will feel active for 2 hours after that brisk walk.

Avoid energy sucking people
You know who know who those people are. The people who always complain how bad things are and never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pessimism simply saps energy, and when we are at work, the last thing we need are people taking the wind out of our sails. Surround yourself with people who have high energy and have the kind of energy that motivate you to do more.

Do things that you feel Passionate about
I know this is hard if you hate your job, but find ways to connect better with your job. How can you gain more utility from it right now? If you have toxic relationships at the workplace how can they be more productive? How can you make more impact at your job? How can you be more proactive in this present moment? In the past, I would get sucked into the drama of not mattering or worrying that no cared about what I said or did. If you think this way about your job, then it might be time to look at things differently. Having more energy isn’t only about what types of foods you eat, it’s also what you think about every day and how you feel.

What if you are trying to lose Weight?
Eating is a tricky thing, and if you are worried about losing weight, then you may also have to consider that factor. Choosing what to eat when you might have bad eating habits is tricky and if you need more help with adopting a healthier diet/lifestyle do not hesitate to contact my office for an appointment.

Dr. Shah, MD