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Loosing and Maintaining Weight : Psychological Aspects to Loosing and Maintaining Weight.

The reason why so many people struggle to loose weight or to maintain the weight they have already lost is because they relay too much on diet and exercise combinations. Loosing weight is not just about the food or physical activities. Our psychological outlook is becoming a key element for successful weight loss. Instead of concentrating on everything in the body, we need to be focusing on conditioning our mind, and its reactions that prevent us from loosing and maintaining weight loss.

Things you need to do to loose and maintain weight:

  1. Stop strict dieting. Strict dieting will work for only a short time. After that, it will require too much willpower to live in a constant state of endless rejection and restriction. The critical goal after you loose weight is to keep it off and to eat whatever you want. It is possible only when what you want has changed.
  2. Recognize bad habits – it is easy to do, but hard to break them using sheer willpower. Instead of forcing yourself to avoid unwanted habits, try to understand what triggers them, and then, target the cause of your unwanted habits.
  3. Reinforce new habits. Only when our brain feels rewarded can we develop a habit that will become natural to us. In other words, in order to achieve stable weight maintenance, you have to find healthy food that you, in fact, like eating, physical activities you love doing, other little things what you take pleasure in experiencing, and make it all as convenient and easy as possible.
  4. Don’t use much effort while establishing new habits. It is not possible to develop all the new habits instantly. Add one new habit, and get completely comfortable with it to entirely employ it in your everyday routine, and then go from there, adding more new habits one by one (healthier nutrition, more hydration, more activities, more sleep..)
  5. Repeat your new behaviors over and over.
    To stick with your new habits, you need to repeat them. Always. It will form a psychological link between condition and action. After it is done, new habits will take place impulsively and with no need of strong willpower and effort. New habits need to be so steadily established within you that they happen automatically, without you thinking or debating over them. They need to be a part of who you are. When it happens you will be able to maintain your weight and eat what you want, exercise how you like – living the life you enjoy!

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