Online Shopping

Mindful Online Shopping

The evolution of the American holiday shopping craze has happened faster than our brains have developed. The additional growth and accessibility of online shopping since the turn of the 21st century creates an environment in which most human adults are likely to become impulsive and mindless with two extremely valuable resources: time and money.

Impulsivity and mindlessness are precursors to guilt, regret, shame and stress. Since structure predicates behavior it is necessary for the preservation of your health and well-being to avoid environments that promote such adverse eoutcomes, and yet we can all agree that it is simply good sense to engage in online shopping.

Try these three techniques to become more mindful in your online shopping:

  • Make a list; check it twice for accuracy and clarity
  • Compare your list to your values and your budget (make adjustments as needed)
  • Before clicking “purchase” sense your two feet on the ground and count three deep breaths

These important steps will help you connect with why you are on each site you visit, as well as the important positive feelings around why we want to give gifts in the first place. Allow yourself to take a moment sensing your breath and your body as you make your purchases so that you can reap the POSITIVE benefits of altruism. If there is an unnecessary item you might have in your shopping cart or a reason to wait to make a purchase, your higher self will likely kick in during the breathing phase.

Jennifer Vondracek

Mindfulness Coach