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Motivation, Weight and the Movie “Creed”

Why watch Creed?
I know what you might be thinking. What does that have to do with me losing weight? I would argue a lot. In the movie “Creed”, we are shown two men Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa. Both men are searching to find meaning in their lives for very different reasons. Adonis Creed is looking to make his mark while Rocky Balboa can’t seem to find any motivation to keep going.
Understand the why.
Yes, ladies, it is a boxing movie, but haven’t we all have faced similar challenges in our lives? Think about it. Has there been a point and time where you wanted to prove something to someone? Prove to them that they were wrong about what they thought about you and who you were? I know in my life I have wanted to prove people wrong and to show them I was right. The truth is I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. Rocky in the movie also tests Creed to make sure his motivated for the right reasons or otherwise he will get killed in the ring. Are you planning on losing weight for a high school reunion or someone’s wedding? If you are then, you probably won’t be able to keep that weight off. In fact, you probably are going to put all that weight right back on after you attend the event.
Finding motivation for all the right reasons is key to getting started in any attempt to lose weight. What are the right reasons? Many of us lose our way along at some point in our lives just like Rocky Balboa did. Why are we getting up in the morning to go to work? What do we want out of our life right now are critical questions to ponder. I know some of you might be thinking that losing weight isn’t such a big deal, and I would argue exactly the opposite. If you want to keep it off and live the life you always want to, then it is a huge deal. If the added weight is stopping you from creating the life you want, then it is a problem.
Being Motivated for all the wrong reasons.
Weight for me is a constant struggle if truth be told. I was over 40 pounds overweight and smoking a pack a day just a few years ago. I too was like Rocky Balboa and had lost my way. I had motivation which was chasing the American dream, but I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.
Keep in mind motivation is a starting point.
Eventually, I figured out that if I was going to continue to live a terrible lifestyle that I was going to get myself “killed”. Yes, I quit smoking and got on one of those diets and quickly lost a bunch of weight only to see it creep back on. I am still working on trying to keep it off. Motivation is necessary, but it’s only a start in the process of losing the weight the right way. Watching a movie like “Creed” though is an excellent starting point in understanding why it’s important to have the motivation to push yourself forward.
Our Weight Loss Program
I am excited to say that here at Mandala we are starting our weight loss program that will not only focus on motivation, but also concentrate on all aspects of losing weight, which will include psychological, medical, and creating healthier habits around food. If you are interested in learning more, please attend our free talk – “Repairing your Relationship with Food. It will be presented by our Lifestyle Program Manager and Health Coach, Aaron Howard and Life Coach Rumaisa Rahman Khawaja. It will be here at our office on June 1st at 6 PM. Space is limited so; please call ahead to reserve your seat – 563.355.7411

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Farrakh Khawaja