Sick Child

Natural Remedies for Your Sick Child

“Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while.” –unknown


I used to only treat the symptom of my health issues, instead of looking at the cause. When my child got sick, then I would be more concerned about her health. Once she felt better, I wasn’t worried about how to prevent it from happening again. When your kid is sick, but not sick enough to take to the doctor, what can you do to help boost his or her little immune system? Here is a list of things I do for myself and my children that work well for us!


  1. Decrease processed foods, dairy and sugar


Processed foods, dairy and sugar cause inflammation in the body and jeopardize the immune system’s ability to fight the illness. Even though we might want our children to eat something in order to prevent weakness, liquids should be our main focus. Try to avoid anything that comes in a bag, box or can when sick, but also for optimal every day health.


  1. Water


For maintenance, we should be drinking approximately half our body weight in ounces. When we are trying to boost the immune system, drinking more will get the bowels moving and help flush toxins out of the body. You might also enjoy some hot water with lemon (also contains Vitamin C), honey, or cinnamon which can help boost the immune system and energy levels, while decreasing inflammation and congestion.


  1. Jump on a trampoline


Did you know when kids are jumping on a trampoline, they are improving the function of their lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is responsible for moving waste and toxins out of every cell in the body. According to Cathy Murphy, Natural Health Consultant, Nutrition Specialist and TKM provider at Heal Thy Self from Disease, just two to three minutes of trampoline time, also known as rebounding, triples your white blood cell count for the next hour to fight infection!


  1. Bone broth


Who doesn’t want soup when they don’t feel well? Whether you make your own bone broth (preferably) or buy it at the store, there are so many health benefits to drinking or slurping it. Nutrients in liquid form are more easily absorbed by the body, so bone broth is great for digestion and breaks up mucus helping with congestion.


  1. Increase Vitamin C


Supplementing Vitamin C may be easier than forcing various foods into your child when he or she doesn’t feel well. Here are a list of foods we try to eat which contain a high amount of vitamin C-Peppers, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, broccoli, kale, pineapple, brussel sprouts, peas, cauliflower, and mango. I would try to get as many as possible in a smoothie!


  1. Probiotics


I give my kids a good quality probiotic supplement that is sold at Mandala Integrative Medicine. I try to alternate the strands and incorporate probiotic foods into their diets. We drink Kombucha, eat sauerkraut and tempeh. My goal is to continue to make and provide my family with more plant-based foods and probiotics, so that digestion will improve, colds will be less severe, and hopefully shorter lived.


  1. Rest and Relaxation


Sleep is one the best things we can do for our bodies when we are sick. We know this and as parents, we of course all want to get sleep! If your kid won’t nap, at least enforce some extra rest time on the couch.


  1. Steam


If your child is younger, run a hot bath, add some eucalyptus, lavender or frankincense oil and let your child breathe in the steam. If your child is older, boil some water on the stove, add some oils and have him or her breath in the steam over the pot. This will help with congestion and breakup mucus. Please be careful of hot temperatures!


  1. Use an air purifier


Regulating moisture in the air and removing toxins will help your child’s immune system work more efficiently.


  1. Essential Oils


I know everyone has their own preference for essential oil brands and methods of use. Regardless of your oil choice, I do feel they have many benefits for immunity. When I feel the beginning of a cold, I will gargle a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense or thieves in some water. Many times, I wake up and feel better. I also apply to the bottom of my feet with some coconut oil and diffuse.


Instead of waiting until our children are sick to implement these practices into our lifestyle, what if we tried to incorporate one each day? Would our kids get sick less?


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