Junk Food

Processed Foods May Make You Lazy

Do you have a tough time getting up and moving around on the weekends? Do you feel like it’s hard to buckle down and simply get things done around the house? A recent study shows that junk food may cause you to be lazy and have less energy. According to an article published on Medicalnewstoday.com, eating processed foods not only makes you overweight, but makes you tired and inactive.

The article cites a study done by UCLA, where they conducted the study on rats. Rat’s physiological systems are very similar to human beings. The researchers then split a group of 32 rats into two groups. One group ate unprocessed foods like ground corn and fish meal. The other group ate low quality, processed diet with much more sugar over a period of six months. Observing the changes over three months, the rats on the junk food diet were obese while the rats on the unprocessed diet did not gain weight overall. These results should not take anyone by surprise. What was interesting was when asked to perform a task such a pulling a lever the obese rats took much longer breaks and took nearly twice as long to perform the task compared to the healthier rats. Eating a processed diet not only increased weight but also decreased cognitive function over time. The effects of either diet could be reversed but over an extended period of time.

The researchers also believe that many of the statistics on obesity back up their claim that a processed food diet is causing us to get sick more often and leading us to have a more sedentary lifestyle. In the United States today nearly 35% of the population is considered to be obese. Obesity has also been associated with heart disease, stroke and many other health concerns.

My take on processed food is that it indeed impacts our lives in ways we have not begun to completely understand or identify. I personally have a serious problem with anything that would cause a decrease in my cognitive abilities or my ability to just get up and go. If you have any questions or are seriously considering modifying your diet and lifestyle, you can always call my office for an appointment.