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Dr. Shah’s Functional Wellness Program-3 Months


  • Initial consultation with Dr. Shah
    – Evaluation of your gut health, hormones, thyroid, adrenals, anxiety/depression, allergies and more.
  • Testing follow up with Dr. Shah
  • Nutritional Counseling with a health coach
  • Coaching session with a coach of your choice
  • Treatment follow up with Dr. Shah

All Wednesday night classes and experientials
Presentations, workouts, dinner, cooking classes, and grocery shopping

Online membership to Mandala Lifestyle Community
A way for our community members to share and ask questions outside of class and gatherings, submit assignments, and be held accountable.

  • Video coverage of classroom presentations and experientials
  • Weekly lesson plans to complete and to integrate into lifestyle
  • Weekly Sunday check-ins monitored by your Mandala team
  • Access to online recipes and meal planning
  • Educational information from our online blogs and vlogs
  • Online workout and exercise tools
  • Tools to enhance areas within the Mandala Circle of Wellness

Access to all Integrative Lifestyle Forums ($105 value)