Gut and Work

Professional Development Is Linked to Your Health

The goal of professional development is hard to achieve until and unless you are committed to the idea of life-long learning. But the problem is the idea of developing oneself continuously puts a lot of stress on body and mind.

As a matter of fact when you want to stay ahead in life it means you must be mentally and physically fit to take up this daunting task otherwise it is challenging to give top notch performance. Weight, blood pressure, diabetes, sleep and gut health. There is fairly a long list of health related factors that you are already taking care of but this is not enough in today’s fast paced complex life that affects one’s emotional and intellectual well being negatively in so many overt and covert ways.

Solution is we all need to look up for an integrative health approach since traditional medical knowledge and practice does not help realize our full potential that we all dream to live by.

Absence of disease is not enough to achieve your true self. You need to discover you dreams and desires, goals and grit and strive to achieve your emotional and mental well-being. On way to enhanced productivity you need also an extra dose of energy to motivate yourself. All this requires professional coaching and guidance at personal level.

At Mandala Integrative medicine we have always held a different approach to improve the health of our community addressing your whole personality. We do take care of our community clinically but in the meantime we maintain a highly active lifestyle forum where our health and life experts regularly offer professional advice on how to improve your whole life through health, relationships and income even.

Upcoming Professional Development Event

To give you the true taste of what we believe we have arranged on September 29, 2017 a one-day event for those who are interested in their professional development with a health angle to it.

Keynote Speakers

1. Dr Sayed Shah, MD
Dr. Shah is co-founder of the Mandala Integrative Medicine clinic. He talks about increasing energy levels and improving your overall health.

2. Andy Core
Andy Core is a credentialed and award-winning thought leader on Work-Life Balance, Productivity and Wellbeing.

Your Take Away

Dr. Shah and Andy will be sharing with you their expert knowledge, real life examples and anecdotes adopting to your personal needs and satisfaction. Apart from that we have arranged what we are known for:

  • A range of tips on developing mindset for professional success and health
  • Gluten and Dairy Free Lunch
  • Meditation and Movement Activities
  • Breakout Sessions

Whom the Event Is Designed for

  • Business Owners
  • CEOs
  • Managers and
  • All those who want to move ahead in life

Event Details
Date: Sept. 29, 2017
Time: 9AM – 2PM
Where: Rhythm City Casino, 7077 Elmore Ave, Davenport, IA 52807
Tickets: General Admission is $35

Don’t miss it if you want to realize your full potential. REGISTER HERE!