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This ebook is a digestive health primer presenting the problems and natural solutions for gastrointestinal disorders by Dr. Sayed A. Shah, M.D.

Hippocrates, the father of traditional medicine, stated “all disease begins in the gut”. Fast forward some 2000 years to today, it seems that modern medicine (at least in the Western world) has wandered from this concept and for the sake of many (who may never get to the bottom of their symptoms or illness) this is deeply concerning to me. We are only now beginning to understand just how right Hippocrates was.

Get this book and learn:

  • The connection between your gut and brain
  • Advice for a happy gut
  • Things to avoid and things to include for a healthy gut
  • What are prebiotics and how to include them in your diet
  • The five "R's" of gut health

I trust this book will be enlightening to you and as always, if I can be of help or guidance, don't hesitate to contact my office.

 Dr. Sayed Shah

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