Low Libido

Struggling With Low Libido?

It’s no secret we humans are sexual creatures. News flash, right?  Pretty obvious. Well there are no shortage of studies out there to prove that sex and great relationships are good for our emotional and physical well being. A healthy sex life can facilitate a healthier, longer, and of course more enjoyable life. It can reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and create feelings of intimacy and bonding. All good stuff.

In fact, we as humans even use sex drive as a “gauge” for how healthy we are. If you are feeling great, chances are you are interested in having sex. You have some drive. Do you think about having sex when your have the flu?  Probably not.  A strong libido just gives us that extra “zip” and vitality in life.  Thus we sometimes measure our overall health by the intensity of our desire.

Considering the popularity of sex (wink, wink), it is no surprise the superabundance of supplements, pills, and potions that claim to increase libido for both men and women. I’m sure some work and I’m not here to bash any particular product. But do our bodies really need a pill to “create” sex drive? Is there a better, more holistic and sustainable way? Is relying on a pill as a “crutch” for your struggling libido a good thing?

Before we answer those questions, in all seriousness low libido does affect many men and women and this causes great distress. They say that the two main reasons for divorce involve sex and finances and I’m sure that low libido is a significant portion of the former.

The causes of low libido can be complex and run the gamut from stress, emotional problems, and physical difficulties. It can be related to your lifestyle, drugs/medications you are taking, and even your diet. I focus on hormones in my practice and of course hormonal imbalances are a major cause of libido problems in men and especially women. If your endocrine system is working properly, you will generally experience a strong sex drive (in the case of women there will be some natural fluctuation based on her cycle). But if they are “out of whack” so to speak, then that’s when the problems occur.

What I have discovered is the best way to naturally increase and sustain libido is to improve your overall health. Focus on your whole body becoming healthy. Sounds simple but most people don’t do it. They would rather rely on a pill to boost up their struggling libido. They would rather continue their deplorable diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, and so on than make positive changes.  But low libido can be the sign of other significant health problems that need to be addressed. In addition, seemingly unrelated health conditions can be related to your level of libido.

So what is my prescription for a strong, healthy libido for the rest of your life? Take a holistic approach and work on your whole body by getting tested (for hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, etc.), following a custom and guided protocol, eat right, exercise, and ongoing maintenance. Granted my prescription may not be as sexy (pardon the pun) as popping a pill, but it works. How do I know?  I hear it all the time from my patients!