How Gut Hormones may be impacting your Cravings

Cravings and Gut health

Could gut hormones be the answer to cut calories, stop smoking and alcohol? A new study suggests that maybe indeed the case. Gut hormones are what causes us to feel full after a meal and could be a way to lessen or urge to eat more. This isn’t only true for food, it could also…

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Diet Soda: Is it really bad for your heart?

Why Diet Soda is bad for you?

A few years back I use to do something I was very ashamed of. Yes, I admit it. I am a guy that use to order a diet coke with the super-sized value meal at the McDonalds drive-thru. I would feel weird when the voice over loudspeaker would make sure I wanted a diet coke…

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Can Probiotics really stop you from gaining weight?

Eating yogurt with probiotics may prevent obesity a new study found. According to a study published in Journal of Clinical Investigation, mice were put on a high-fat diet and were given probiotics during the same period. The mice did not gain weight and had insulin resistance for three months after. Scientists believe the bacteria produced…

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Processed Foods May Make You Lazy

Junk Food

Do you have a tough time getting up and moving around on the weekends? Do you feel like it’s hard to buckle down and simply get things done around the house? A recent study shows that junk food may cause you to be lazy and have less energy. According to an article published on,…

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Food Marketing: The Art of Making Food Sound Healthy for You

Food Marketing

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ords like gluten-free and whole-grain will bombard anyone entering a grocery store now a days. The question becomes are these products actually healthy for you? Products like Cherry 7Up carry an antioxidant label that want people to believe that this particular product might not be so bad for you. A recent study conducted at the…

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