The Benefits of Kale

We’ve all heard that kale is so good for us, but it often gets a bad reputation for not tasting very well. I love kale, but I don’t ever try to eat it raw without adding something to it first. If you are eating it raw in a salad, I recommend massaging the kale with…

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Benefits of High-Protein Diet – Mandala Lifestyle


Protein is one of three macro-nutrients (along with fat and carbohydrate) that make up the food we eat. Protein contains 4 calories per gram and its main purpose of the protein to build and repair body tissue (muscle).  There is hardly anyone who has never heard about high protein diet.  Many true supporters and followers…

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Weight Loss Shakes: Pros and Cons


The best way to loose and maintain weight is to keep healthy, low-fat diet, regularly exercise, avoid stress and keep a steady schedule. Unfortunately, these ideal conditions don’t work for everyone and they are definitely very difficult to keep up with. In this case, weight loss shakes may be a good way to leap into…

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Can the Mediterranean Diet Help Slow the Aging Process?

Can the Mediterranean Diet Help slow The Aging Process?

More and more evidence is beginning to mount on the fact that the Mediterranean diet is one way to adopt a healthier diet.  Now new research is also suggesting that it may indeed be a way to slow the aging process.  The mediterranean diet involves a diet that rich in fruits, vegetables, and fish.  The…

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