Top 5 Documentaries that changed the way I think about Food

Top 5 Documentaries that changed the way I think about Food

By Joni Abbott

It’s the most vital fuel we can have for our bodies. However we expect our bodies to get from Point A to Point B, and in what condition it arrives, will depend on the food we eat. Never has there been a more crucial or more confusing topic in our times.

Because we are no longer growing our food and gardening is no longer a daily part of human survival in our society, it has become something we are very disconnected from. Do you know what is the origin of your plate of food? (Hint: ‘The grocery store’ isn’t the correct answer, entirely.) Do you know the farmer who grew it? Do you know the origin of the seed? Do you know what hidden ingredients are in the convenience foods you eat that could be sparking a health concern?

Those may seem like trivial questions or ones you never considered before, but it all matters if your health matters to you.

I have been watching health and food documentaries for nearly ten years now. The list keeps growing and so does my interest. From the controversy of GMOs and glyphosate (RoundUp) to all of the salmonella and listeria in foods we buy, we must learn and educate ourselves about one of the biggest needs, as humans, we have.

Here are five food documentaries (with honorable mentions of more) that have impacted me and have stuck with me through the years. Many are available to watch for free online on Netflix and even YouTube.

1. Food, Inc.
This was one of the biggest eye openers to me when it first came out. I didn’t realize how big the food industry was until I saw this. I didn’t know or even consider why we have grown so much corn and soy in the U.S.

2. Hungry for Change
Someone very important to me is in this film. Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, not only gave me a show on his Natural News Network and helped my radio show, Homegrown Health, begin, he is an incredible source of knowledge and has continued above and beyond with his studies of food and what’s in them. I related so well to the message of hope in this film.

3. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (1 & 2)
An inspiring documentary about a man who has been hailed as starting the movement on juicing. He’s been seen on mainstream media and has spoken around the world. This documentary was important to me because my father had a heart attack and I was scared of losing him. A dear friend came and showed him this movie. I nearly fell over when I saw my dad blending vegetables and fruits and drinking it. He still likes to make smoothies for me when I come over.

4. Genetic Roulette
GMOs, Genetically Modified Organisms. Do you know what they are? This documentary digs into explaining what these are in our food supply and how it works in the body. Nobody has the final answer of what all it can do in the body. We have a right to know what we are putting in our bodies and the bodies of our children.

5. Supersize Me
This one dates back to 2004. While McDonalds and other fast food chains have toned it down some in the huge portion sizes of their food, sadly, the ingredients and the effects they have on your health, are still the same.  I interviewed, Alexandra Jamieson (co-creator) in 2014 for the 10-year anniversary on Homegrown Health and she continues to be an incredible source of inspiration.

Joni Abbott is a contributing writer for Mandala Integrative Medicine.  In addition to that, she hosts a talk show on holistic health: Homegrown Health