Water: Why it’s important for Peak Performance

Water and Performance


Drinking water is one of the most underutilized remedies available. Many of the uncomfortable symptoms we face from day to day are actually a result of something we are lacking in the body. Could these symptoms and low daily performance be due to dehydration?


According to Dr. Hyman, “on average, a person’s body is 60% water and the brain is 75% water. Research shows that total body water loss of only 1 to 3% can lead to poor concentration, impaired mental performance, low mood and frequent headaches.” Other symptoms of dehydration include constipation, acne, dryness, joint pain and fatigue. It makes sense that many of us might be just thirsty.

(Dr. Hyman quoted from http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/2016/08/16/back-to-basics/)


How do we know how much water is enough?


According to the CDC, in one study, adults drank 39 ounces each day on average.

(Source: https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/data-statistics/plain-water-the-healthier-choice.html)


News flash: That’s not enough!


I recommend my clients try to drink at least half their body weight in ounces. A man that weighs 200 pounds should drink 100-ounces of water daily. With that being said, I understand the concept of bio-individuality. Everyone’s body is different. Some people feel better with more water and some with less. Certain foods will cause you to retain water and others will help you flush fluids, so always be cautious of what else you are putting into your body. And please remember water impacts every cell of your body and 39 ounces is not anywhere close to being enough, unless you weigh under 100 lbs.


Dr. Oz has a formula to get the exact amount you should drink based on your weight and age. To see his reckoning, visit



How do I possibly drink that much water in a day?


I wake up in the morning and drink 1-2 glasses, because I’ve been without water for 8 hours and my body needs it. I have a 20-ounce water bottle that I bring with me everywhere I go. I try to get a full bottle in before 10:00 a.m., another before 1:00 p.m. and one before I leave work. Then I drink more for dinner.


When I am well hydrated, I notice 3 things:

  1. I feel less irritable.
  2. I have more energy.
  3. The more water I drink, the more I enjoy drinking water.


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