The 2nd Brain

What factors maybe critical to overall Health

According to an important person – Disease begins in the…

Hippocrates is said to have stated all disease begins in this place as well. For your body to operate at a high level, it’s necessary to make sure this part of your body is in tip-top shape. Is the suspense killing you yet? OK, I will stop being silly and tell you it’s your gut of course.

Why is the gut critical to good health?
It controls how much your body absorbs vitamins and minerals. It also has impacts on your immunity and eliminating toxins. An unbalanced gut can also cause you to have anxiety. Gut issues can also have an impact on your skin as well.
The 2nd Brain?
Gut health can have impacts on your mood and even the ability to think clearly. There are about 100 million nerve cells that are in the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, there is direct communication between the brain and the gut. The brain is aware of the state of your gut and when it’s out of “whack”.
How to tell if you gut is not functioning Properly
Some of the more obvious things to look for are symptoms like bloating, acid reflux and flatulence. Other symptoms might also include fatigue, joint pain, and headaches. The inability to get a good night’s sleep and being unable to lose weight could also be linked to gut issues.
If you need help in understanding how to heal your gut feel free to attend one of my talks over the next couple of months or call my office for an appointment.
Dr. Shah, MD