What you should expect from your primary care doctor?

What should you expect from your Primary Care Doctor?

1. Should be able to see your doctor for any health concern you might have.

2. His/her focus is always on preventative care.

3. A doctor that makes sure you are proactive with your health.

The most important thing I do with all of my patients is to educate them on how they can either improve or maintain their overall health. Staying healthy today is becoming more and more of a challenge. It is especially true with all the choices we have to make every day with what we eat or how active a lifestyle we choose to live. All of these things impact our overall health, and it’s important that every individual understand the impact of those decisions. Your doctor should advise you on what sorts of steps you should be taking to maintain your health not only for today, but also in the future.

Dr. Shah, M.D.

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