ILF 2018

What to Expect from the Integrative Lifestyle Forum 2018

Are you feeling stressed out? Looking for motivation to get and keep you on the healthy track in this new year? Ready to try something different for your New Year’s resolution 2018? Change your mind set by spending Saturday, January 6, at the Integrative Lifestyle Forum 2018. It is at the Radisson, in downtown Davenport, IA. This year we will be offering two sessions, one from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and another from 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Here are the seven highlights of the event, in no particular order, which I am most excited about this year!


  1. Silent Auction for LiveFit with Lupus

What a perfect time of the year to be giving back to a local nonprofit organization! LiveFit with Lupus is an organization formed to provide awareness for autoimmune diseases. The organization’s mission statement is “To promote health and wellness, inspire others to overcome their own obstacles and create autoimmune awareness in the community and eventually around the globe.”


  1. Brooke Lemke and Jay Jacobs

Brooke is a local hypnotherapist who has worked with many patients and their subconscious to overcome stress or make necessary changes. Jay was a contestant on The Biggest Loser and is now an author and motivational speaker. He lost 181 lbs. and was able to keep the weight off by using Brooke’s practice and other integrative approaches.


  1. Shah, Founder of Mandala Integrative Medicine

Dr. Shah will be speaking about Integrative Health and how to treat the underlying cause of many preventable illnesses we are faced with today. He will give us an understanding of our body’s need to find balance in our relationships, relaxation, food, exercise, employment, finances, sleep and spirituality.


  1. Breakout Sessions

There will be some amazing breakout speakers! Natalie Brown is a sound healer, with Sounds Heal Studio, who uses various instruments to help you relax and help heal your body, mind and soul.

Dr. Peter Fox is a Chiropractor who practices a neurologically focused chiropractic method known as Network Spinal Analysis in his Davenport practice, Healing Rivers chiropractic.

Stephanie Burrough is founder of QC Colon Hydrotherapy, which is now owned by Mandala Integrative Medicine. She will be speaking about how removing toxins through colon hydrotherapy can help digestive symptoms, detoxify the body and improve energy and immune function.

We will also hear from Mandala Integrative Medicine’s coaches Neal Turner, Rumaisa Khawaja, Jennifer Vondracek and Khloe Beaird. Neal and Rumaisa will be discussing how to move past stress, manage stress with exercise, find joy, and get results in your life! Jennifer and Khloe will be presenting on getting and keeping your children physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.


  1. Prestige Productions

For attendee entertainment, you will get the pleasure of listening to Prestige Productions’ DJ services. These guys have amazing energy and will keep the day fun, engaging and full of life!


  1. Zumba

Back at it again, we will have Nina Little teaching us how to dance at the ILF 2018. She is a trainer with QC All Fit and will be tearing up the stage with her Zumba moves and getting the audience up out of their seats!


  1. Happy Hour

As a result of the ILF 2018 being downtown Davenport this year, we plan to take the after-hours to Raw. Raw uses seasonal raw, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their unique and flavorful cocktails and appetizers provide healthy and environmentally responsible options.


Take active control of your everyday healthy by joining us on January 6, 2018! Your tickets and more information are available at or please call (800) GUT-WELL.